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A black life class


because: all black

lives matter 

"A Black Life Class" Initiative

Written by Bettye Stevens Coney, MS, CPC, Ed.L., Equity Education,

Funds of Knowledge & Systemic Anti-Racism Consultant in Corroboration with

Patrick Coggins, PhD, Professor of Education, Stetson University

With Overwhelming Endorsements for the Initiative are: 

   Apostle Dr.  Dannie L. Williams, Senior Pastor Citadel of Hope Ministries, Leesburg, FL

​  Pastor John H. Christian - Christian Worship Center - 4 Times Mayor and Commissioner, City of Leesburg, FL

  Rev. Sandy Haxton, Founder of Interfaith Lake County, FL



a black life class colloquium

First Understanding:

  • I understand that ALL lives matter.

  • I understand that not ANY life is considered more or less important than another.

  • I understand the desired outcome of the All Black Lives Matter Class Colloquium, indeed “our bottom line” and sole concentration in this presentation is “Black Lives.”  The importance of this colloquium is reflected through the national narrative and the national reckoning resulting from the murder of George Floyd (and a list of others) by the police.  This colloquium takes a fearless straight forward look at systemic structural and institutional racism that has been thrust upon America since the coming of African Americans to the Americas.  

You see, America has never placed significant value on the history, being or plight of Black life.  All of


America would tremendously benefit from knowing the rich illustrative text and subtext of the subject and its impact on the entire landscape of the country from the arts, sciences, architecture, as well 

Presentation Overview

The topical history of the colloquium spans and includes the Moral, Immoral and Legal aspects of Black Life in America. Our aim is not to recreate the history of Black Life in America it is to lay bare that canvas that is uniquely America and paint great vistas of lives whose history demands to be told.  As any journey whose path has not yet been fully charted, this history requires careful navigation.

 This series begins in Africa the cradle of civilization. Our attention is drawn to Professor Henry Louis Gates, "AFRICA'S GREAT CIVILIZATIONS".  Here we will discover Africa's innate, pure genius in leaving to the world, its creation of the arts, sciences, and technology. 

Astonishingly, Professor Ivan Van Sertima, Rutgers University, once poignantly wrote that, "THE NERVE OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN DEADENED, FOR CENTURIES, TO THE VIBRATIONS OF AFRICAN GENIUS". 

Further, this work encompasses a circle of violence, unfolding in our nation and into our local areas and state.  These include
 ►The Ocoee massacre of 1920.
 ► The Rosewood massacre of 1923.
 ► The Groveland Four massacre of 1949.
 ►The story of Virgil Darnell Hawkins, a civil rights pioneer, of Okahumpka, Florida.

Our desire is to emphasize the great civil and social milestones in our collective history. In presenting the unvarnished facts of history and the current societal status of "BLACK LIFE”, we hope these oral and written expositions leave each of us, regardless of race or historical preface as brothers and sisters … longing for the answer to the question, “How and when do we do better?


To present authentic history and facts for listening, learning and processing for understanding and knowing the essence of “Black Life in America".

                             Changing the perceptions of "BLACK LIFE" from: 















To what "Black LIFE"  in America" is:


Black Man with white had Jahi Chikwendiu

“An insignificant species that does not matter, useless, barbaric, void of love of self or family, invisible and having no feelings of pain and subject to human insult”

black family 2.jpg

Highly intelligent, creative, talented, intuitive, resilient, yet highly sensitive to emotions and welfare of self and others, valuable and worthy of first-class citizenship in all areas of our American way of life”

Photo: Jahi Chikwendiu  

(Washington Post  November 25, 2019)

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